"Taking vacations is now a managerial necessity."

- Warren Bennis

In 2018 Execu-Care Coaching & Consulting will release its new super premium product and service line providing customized strategic resilience vacation consulting and sales.  This service line, designed and developed by Dr. Edy Greenblatt, will include:

  • Personalized research-based resilience assessments
  • Global destination classification and ratings based on proprietary analytical software
  • Precision matching of client need to resort/destination characteristics and capacity.
  • Pre-, on-site, and post-travel resilience coaching by, highly experienced,  certified, senior behavioral coaches trained to use our proprietary systems. 

strategic vacationing


The concept of strategic vacationing was first developed by Dr. Edy Greenblatt during her doctoral research while at the Harvard Business School.  Five years of research on resilience and work/life balance including rigorous studies of Club Med workers and guests worldwide resulted not only in her Ph.D. but also in the awarding winning book Restore Yourself: The Antidote for Professional Exhaustion.  After working with some of the world's most successful leaders and companies, including helping McKinsey & Co. develop their global resilience and woman's leadership training programs, she is once again at the cutting edge of what leaders need to succeed in the VUCA world.

daily resilience practices are no longer sufficient

Dr. Edy's original research, coaching, consulting and writing showed individuals how to successfully diagnose their daily life depleters and restorers and then design actions to increase their physical, social, emotional, psychological and spiritual energies (personal resources).  These practices have been overwhelmingly successful and popular with entrepreneurs, organizational leaders, individual contributors and those managing households and families full-time. Nonetheless, our lives have changed and what worked 5 years ago is no longer sufficient.  Dr. Edy's recent research indicates that daily-life restorative practices, even when supported by enlightened families, communities and organizations are insufficient to keep high performers restored and resilient when they are not preceded by strategic vacationing.    

Regain Your Resilience with

Personalized Assessment and  Vacation Matching