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Regain Your Resilience with

Personalized Assessment and  Vacation Matching 


"Travel isn't a hobby, it's a way of life."

- Christina Columbo

TheBodyHoliday - San Lucia

Consistently rated one of the top ten spa resorts on earth, The Body Holiday sets many global standards for restorative vacations.  

MODANI - Netanya, Israel

Scheduled to open in late 2018 as one of the premiere resilience vacation sites in the world, Modani will restore numerous travel types. 

Welcome to Regain Resilience, where we combine science, smarts and soul to help you determine EXACTLY what you need to restore yourself.  We'll start your planning with an interview and assessment.  We'll use that to find you the perfect time, location, facilities, people, treatments, travel modes and activities to ensure that you not only enjoy your vacation, but return from it restored, AND with a coach and a plan to ensure you maintain that resilience until your next vacation!  Using our proprietary assessments, personalized resilience coaching , and our exclusive resort resilience rating system you'll never again leave a single vacation day unused. That's the joy of strategic vacationing!

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